Social Work Award Judging criteria

Social Workers are an integral member of the Healthcare team. They address their patients’ psycho-social, economic, and bio needs at every stage of life. Some have even identified health disparities that may have prevented their patients’ access to health care. Or they may have driven social change in health, patient care, and patient advocacy that has been the catalyst for the creation or reformation of public health policy. These are the social workers we’re seeking to recognize.

All nominees will be judged on:

1. Promoting Patient Empowerment and Rights

Advocates and educates patients about their rights within the health care system. The Social Worker not only perceives the heath disparities for the vulnerable in our society but acts with an independent sense of urgency to challenge them.

2. Identification, Resolution and Follow up

This Social Worker sees a challenge as an opportunity for transformation within systems and for patients. He or she is able to recognize an issue and create a strategic, timely and measurable plan of resolution. He or she does not get discouraged and uses creativity, knowledge, and determination to overcome challenges and barriers to success.

3. Professionalism

As a true Patient Advocate, this Social Worker sees other team members as valuable partners. He or she infuses the team with a culture of “Yes.” At every turn in a challenge, this Social Worker responds with respect and dignity when interacting with others and fosters transformational leadership in others. He or she is committed to lifelong learning practices.

4. Being Proactive with their organization

This Social Worker exhibits a positive attitude when approaching issues within the organization. He or she realizes change and positive outcomes can only be achieved when the team embodies a “Yes we can” attitude.

5. Demonstrates Moral Courage and Ethical behavior

The selected Social Worker not only exhibits core values of the Social Work profession such as service. But they embody the tenets of social justice, dignity and worth of the person. They value the importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence, and takes the appropriate measures to assist and defend those who are suffering oppression or ethical mistreatment, whether colleagues or patients.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration

This person communicates their vision and inspires others to do the same, with dignity and a sense of inclusion. He or she offers direction in a compassionate and supportive way.

7. Critical and Creative Thinking

This Social Worker engages in self-reflection to develop his or her authenticity and to identify cultural values and beliefs in order to establish an appreciation and understanding of lifespan challenges and growth opportunities in his or her relationships with their patients.