• Kenny Rozenberg, CEO

    Kenny Rozenberg, Chief Executive Officer
    Centers Health Care

    Kenny Rozenberg, a licensed nursing home administrator, was running a small facility in the Bronx, NY in 1995 when he learned of a struggling facility in the South Bronx that was seeking new ownership. By 1996, our company was founded and the Williamsbridge Manor in the Bronx, NY became our first skilled nursing facility.

    Today Kenny is the CEO of the largest post-acute health care continuum in New York, but he has never gotten far from his passion of providing health care to those most in need. A trained para-medic, Kenny is often out of the house in the middle of the night, as a volunteer ambulance worker and first-responder. And on any given day he is in contact with nursing home administrators, directors of nursing, rehab directors and others at the forefront of delivering the care and customer service that make every Centers Health Care facility something special.

  • Amir Abramchik, CEO

    Amir Abramchik, Chief Operating Officer
    Centers Health Care

    Amir was running the flagship facility of Centers Heath Care when Kenny realized that his talents, his grasp of the industry, and his ability to solve operational issues would be better utilized on an enterprise level. For the past ten years he has been a mentor, a problem solver, and a valued leader both within the Centers Health Care family as well as the healthcare industry. Among other roles, Amir is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Quality Care.

  • Elliot Kahan, Chief Marketing Officer
    Centers Health Care

    Elliot has the responsibility for overseeing sales and marketing for one of the fastest growing companies in the region. With 30 skilled nursing facilities, each serving a unique market, an extensive home health care group, managed long term care, various assisted living and adult day care centers and more, Elliot drives the business of more than forty companies.

  • Jeff Sicklick

    Jeffrey Sicklick, Director of Operations
    Nursing Homes

    Jeff comes from a service-oriented family and carries on that tradition in a way that would make everyone proud. A licensed nursing home administrator since 1985, Jeff’s combination of administrative skills, sensitivity and his wonderful way with people, has made him an exemplary leader and a fine mentor. Jeff not only runs the Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, he serves as the supervisor of all facility administrators in the Centers family.

  • Heidi Hendrix

    Heidi Hendrix, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
    Centers Health Care

    Heidi Hendrix has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of acute and post-acute health care, as well as state and federal regulatory and compliance issues. Her unique specialty focuses on establishing clinical excellence across all facilities in multi-state clinical operations, improving the quality of care and improving performance measurement and achieving deficiency free regulatory reviews. Heidi had previously served as VP, Clinical Operations for Genesis Healthcare with oversight responsibility for more than 200 facilities in twelve states.

  • Steve Carr, Chief Sales Officer
    Nursing Homes

    Steve’s entire career has been in post-acute care, and the depth of his expertise is apparent when you speak with him. In a 17 year career spanning the country from California to Boston and north to south, Steve has developed an understanding of, and a deep passion for the people we care for. He has also partnered with several leading health systems, physicians, managed care organizations and ACO’s in efforts to improve access to high quality post-acute care options that improve outcomes. He is a master at matching the needs of the patient with the abilities of a facility and in keeping our hospital partners informed throughout the transition process and beyond.

  • Joe Steinfeld, Director of Operations
    Home Care

    No one knows better than Joe that the future of health care lies in being able to provide competent, compassionate care to people in their homes for as long as possible. A veteran of the home health care industry, he has been instrumental in helping Centers Health Care expand its abilities in this growing sector and leads the way in product and service development, as well as customer service.

  • Mark Bloom, Chief Executive Officer
    Managed Care

    Obtaining the right health care and understanding the benefits available to you has become extremely difficult for the average consumer. Mark is making it a lot easier. Centers Plan for Healthy Living is the largest managed care organization in New York, providing eligible members with access to quality care so they can continue to live healthy, productive, independent lives for as long as possible. With over 25,000 consumers already relying on them, Mark and his team are solving healthcare issues one person at a time.

  • Izzy Wolff

    Izzy Wolff, Vice President
    Strategic and Financial Operations

    Izzy oversees not only the financial operations of Centers Health Care, one of the largest and fastest growing post-acute care companies in the northeast, but manages the extensive consulting services offered by the Centers Business Office to large and small nursing home operators throughout New York, New Jersey and beyond.

  • Mike Forzano, OT/L
    VP of Therapy Services

    Mike Forzano brings a wealth of experience as a therapist, an educator and a manager to every aspect of therapy at Centers Health Care. Mike received his education at the University of Buffalo, and his hands-on experience leading a team of physical, occupational and speech therapists in various long-term care facilities.  He became a Regional Director of Rehabilitation with oversight of several facilities within the Centers Health Care family.  Mike’s leadership that Centers will continue to be a pioneer in procedures, protocols and industry leading good outcomes. 

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